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Martin PARRIS Club  

The Martin Parris Club (MPC) is the official Martin Parris fan club. It is open to everybody who

  • enjoys listening to Martin Parris' music
  • likes to have insider information on new projects, tours etc.
  • is interested in priority access to concerts and other events

Through their support, MPC members can help to develop new musical projects. By sponsoring new members or simply buying a record every member also accumulates a certain number of points that give access to certain privileges (see below).

Membership of the Martin Parris Club is totally free of charge and constitutes no obligation whatsoever. The purpose of the club is to create a community of people around one musical project and give them an opportunity to communicate with each other.
Although music is the main issue, there is no limit to global exchange within the MPC; the "News and Chat" page is made for that: club members are welcome to share whatever they want to share.

Sponsoring new members is one of the most important issues. To forward the club and make the music of Martin Parris accessible to a larger public, new members need to join the club regularly. By talking about the club to their families and friends, members can introduce the music of Martin Parris to a large number of people, thus creating an international network.

Since MPC membership is totally free and no benefits are made, club activities depend exclusively on record sales and financial success of concerts and other musical events. Club members who succeed in supporting the project commercially are therefore credited so-called ranking points for each of their activities:
Every new member introduced and each purchase made generate a certain number of points, which in return give access to numerous privileges, such as promotional offers, priority seating etc.
Sponsoring a new member actually pays more than once, since every point generated by the new member is also credited to the account of his or her sponsor. And if the new member on his part should sponsor somebody new, for each of his points, one point goes to his sponsor and another point to his sponsor's sponsor, and there is no end to the line! Collecting the number of points necessary for senior membership is finally not all that difficult ...









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