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Martin Parris was born in Bonn, Germany. His father was a professional musician and Martin grew up with music. He composed his first "songs" during his childhood.
Like many Pop and Rock musicians he received classical training before turning towards popular music. And like many artists he started his singing career in a church choir before becoming a professional entertainer.
At the age of 17 he accomplished his first semi-professional record with some of his own songs. But it took another ten years before a professional record, in co-operation with other artists, was released.
Although German is his first language, Martin almost never uses it in his songs. "English comes easy to me, since I picked it up young. My commitment as Musical Director at the American Parish of Bonn as well as travelling internationally certainly helped a lot, too. The fact that I grew up with British and American Pop and Rock music makes writing English lyrics come naturally to me."

After some projects with HDN Records (Germany) and a short co-operation with Hollywood Artist Records (L.A.) in the 1990s, Martin now does his own producing and marketing.

"I love being on stage every once in a while, but the obligation of performing regularly is something I don't really like. I prefer working in my own recording studio, composing or trying new arrangements."

"Inspiration is something you can't control. It may come at any second. However turning it into a song is usually a long process."

"Travelling has always been an important source of inspiration. New York was a great experience which echoes through songs such as Brooklyn Bridge or Winter In Manhattan"





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