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7/ Not My Fault

8/ I'm Blessed

9/ Givin It All

I don't complain
Reproaches may be justified at times
I'll say it plain
Unless you want to read between the lines
There's never been a man
Who never did any wrong
We all must take the consequences
For the things we ve done

I take the blame
For rainy days and ice storms in July
I take the blame
For floods in Acapulco and Shanghai

For any kind of weather
You may put the blame on me
But don't hold me responsible
For what I Can't control

Cause when I see such eyes
I know I lose my mind
And when I see such lips
I just Can't hold back myself
Yeah, when I see such eyes
There's nothing I could do
And when I see such hips
I gotta reach out and touch
And it s not my fault at all

It may seem hard
To take a million dollars in a day
It might seem hard
To have elections in the USA

But, boy, I bet it s nothing
If you look at it
For there are things that really are
Much harder to control

Cause when I see such eyes

I'm blessed
To have you by my side
I'm blessed
With you, my very pride
Day by day and night by night
With love shining on my life

I'm blessed
To see inside your eyes
The trace of heavenly surprise
Here and there and near or far
I'm blessed with love inside my heart

I'm blessed
With every single ray
That brings the light
For each new day
From sunrise to sunset
Endless waves of love I get

I'm blessed
To hear the river flow
To see the seasons come and go
Feel the earth beneath my feet
Next to mine your true heart beat








I used to spend my time
Driving round the town
Never taking thinds all too seriously
I used to hang around
With some girls I knew
I think I'd better not tell you about

But I begin to see it clear
The time has come for a new start

And I'm givin it all to you
Oh yeah

I thought I was in love
Many times before
But finally I found
There is so much more

And I begin to see it clear