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10/ Winter In Manhattan

11/ Every Night

12/ Next Flight Home

And I wanna be back

Got some yesterday
To 7th avenue
Still I feel like a fool
When I think of you

Crossin Central Park
Suddenly I know
No matter what they say
I was wrong to go

Winter in Manhattan
Never looked that grey before
I listen to the sad songs on the radio
Winter in Manhattan
Never felt that cold before
Thinkin of our summer
I could almost cry

Starin from my room
I'm watching people pass
Tryin not to think
To wipe away the past

Step down to the street
Just to clear my mind
But whatever I look for
Your memory s all I find

Winter in Manhattan

And I wanna be back in your arms
Touch you again with my lips
But I fear it s too late
cause I hurt you too bad
When I said good-bye

Winter in Manhattan

Winter in Manhattan
Not a thing that I can do
Among a million faces
All I see is you

Winter in Manhattan
Sad songs on the radio
I look outside my window
Feel the cold wind blow

Every night when I sleep
In my dreams I see you walk by

I see your face, I see your lips
I see your legs, I see your hips
Your everything

And I wonder:
Are you'real or just an illusion?

So when I wake up
I start looking for you
At the office
In the park
In the subway
In the supermarket

But I never never
Never never never
Never never
Never never never

Find you













I ve seen it all
From big to small
I'm tired of walking
My feet on the same old soil

I'm getting bored
My mind gets sore
And nothing just seems
To appeal to my senses no more

Gonna take the next flight home
Gonna take the next flight home
Gonna take the next flight home
To mars

You like it here
That much seems clear
But I'must admit
I have never been found of the place

You might regret
You might be sad
Bout letting me go
And not seeing me any more

Gonna take the next flight home