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4/ With My Love

5/ The Same Way

6/ To Love Someone

If some day the sun forgets to shine
Upon your life
Heavy clouds of rain are on your mind
Don't be sad, it ll soon be over
Count on me cause I am on my way

And I will get to you and warm you up
With all my burning love

If some other day you felt down
On the ground
And the joy of life just Can't be found
Don't give up, you ll soon be better
There is hope for you, believe in me
Cause I will get to you and build you up
With my constructive love

If some day you're empty
And burnt out, lost again
Like a barren desert without rain
Don't be afraid

Keep the faith, don't you worry
You ll be fine in just a little while

Cause I will get to you and fill you up

With my abundant love


She had come out of the cold
On an early April sunbeam
With her ordinary coat
And nothing to hide her crystal eyes
Shining bright as the morning sun
Our story had begun

And she took her time to see
All the places she had heard of
She agreed to come with me
So I showed her around and finally found
All I wanted was make her stay
For ever and a day

Now, when she thinks of me
The way I think of her
I hope she feels the same way, too

For the days passed all too fast
And she couldn't stay much longer
And she had to leave at last
Back to the cold
With so much to be told
And I'm longing for the day
We finally meet again

Now, when you think of me
The way I think of you
I hope you feel the same way too


When we said good-bye
I thought our love was ending
But no, it had never begun
Cause I found out
What I should have know all along:
That you don't know
What it means to love someone

When I closed the door
I thought that I was losing
All I had ever lived for
But I found out
Bout the love I thought was mine
That you don't know
What it means to love someone

I don't say that'some day
You might not lear what love s about
But until then, who knows when

I don't think I'll do without